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The home, the office, a commercial premise, or anywhere in between, it takes something a bit special to make a space unique. Our wide range includes everything you need for a DIY or professional painting project – no matter the size:

  • paint brushes

  • paint rollers

  • painting trays
  • painting buckets

  • painting accessories

Painting & Decorating Range


Spring Cleaning?

Everything you need to clean and tidy any space from the home kitchen to a farmyard or large industrial warehouse. Sweeping brushes, mops and buckets, and bins as well as accessories for the sinkside, the bathroom, and the laundry room are just the start:

  • sweeping brushes
  • mops

  • buckets
  • bins
  • accessories
Brushes & Housewares

Varian Product Range

Our complete range of products including painting & decorating, brushwares & household, professional hygiene and mats.

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